Interactive gym flooring

Pavigym is a Spanish multinational company that specialises in the manufacturing of special flooring for the Fitness industry

One of the main products in its range is: PRAMA, a new training concept bridging natural body movement and the latest in production processes, hardware and software technology combined. A functional workout product that’s immersive and interactive, changing the way people relate to and understand exercise through innovation.

Training in Alicante in the gym with interactive Pavigym flooring

The starting point

PRAMA is a solution to enhance traditional sports flooring with sophisticated technology.

Pavigym contacted NITSNETS Devices at a stage where its business was already mature and solid, hence the challenge was improving a high performing product to withstand the most demanding of conditions.

Creating the Pavigym PCB prototype for your interactive flooring

We picked up the existing work to update systems and components, along with a simplification of the bus connectivity.
The layout is then simplified to minimise cost and chances of failure, and the circuit gets downsized to enable installation in smaller spaces.

The solution

Pavigym has an experienced Production team that had already started work on layout redesign.

At NITSNETS Devices we picked up the process of circuit redesign and component selection. This new version of the product had to be even more optimal in terms of cost and production.

We designed to achieve a high degree of component integration and to streamline wiring in order to simplify installation work as much as possible, thus enabling a faster, more efficient deployment process.

High degree of component integration: simplified wiring layout to make technicians’ work easier and enable a faster and more reliable deployment.

Designing with Altium the Pavigym PCB for your interactive flooring

Thanks to this, the resulting circuit saw their height notably optimised, its thickness reduced by 30%, making them more versatile and allowing for a more adaptable manufacturing process.

A more versatile and adaptable manufacturing process, thanks to a 30% optimisation in circuit thickness.

Training in Pavigym, interactive gym floor

Extra ball!

To make the most of the product’s reengineering, we included additional installation features, such as safety circuits that would keep the system safe in case of human error during installation.

Group training in Pavigym, interactive pavement fitness

Once we achieved a more solid and renewed product, with great business expectations, we supported Pavigym through the certification process of the renewed circuitry, to obtain its CE/EMI mark.

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