Electronics bringing your products to life

Fully customised design and development
of electronics, IoT and M2M devices

Electronics bringing your products to life Electronics bringing your products to life
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Electronics consultancy

  • Guidance throughout the process of selecting hardware technology and firmware development, backed by over ten years of experience in producing electronic devices for a wide range of specific applications.
  • Expert advice from idea to completion (circuit manufacturing, and mass production stages). Operational advice on vetting vendors and stock management.
  • Legal advice on EU regulation compliance and on obtaining CE Mark certificate.

Electronics design

  • Digital, wireless and mixed-signal technology applications.
  • Component selection, circuit diagram selection and PCB layout.
  • Custom-specs digital circuits: high speed, controlled impedance, microvias, ARM processors, DDR memories, video and data interfaces (HDMI, MIPI, LVDS, USB 3.0, Ethernet, PCIe, etc.).
  • On-premise rapid prototyping, including complex-encapsulate components: BGA, CSP, 0201, etc.

Firmware development

  • Microcontrollers programming: Kinetis, AVR, PIC, STM32, TI MSP32, Nordic nRF5, ESP32, Arduino, etc.
  • Languages: ASM, C, C++, Python and JavaScript.
  • Accessories configuration on Linux kernel ARM processors: MIPI displays, MIPI cameras, HDMI, Ethernet PHY, HUBs USB, sensors, etc.

Mass production

  • End-to-end management of electronic circuits manufacturing & QA, upon request.
  • Stock management and continuous curation of catalogues and providers

Process methodology

Our value chain: what happens from your idea to completion

Process methodology
  1. Idea

  2. Definition

  3. Feasibility

    Costs & legal

  4. DFM

    Key component selection

  5. Model

  6. Design

  7. Prototypes

    Hardware & Firmware

  8. Stressing

  9. Certifications

  10. Mass production

*The product design process comprises several stages of development.
Ours is a sprint-based, ever-improving, circular process.



Devices for communication between systems and/or users through the Internet.


Human health monitoring systems.


ARM Processor-based circuits (NXP/Freescale, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and Xilinx) for image processing applications: cameras, displays, audio, etc.


Customisable electronics for data mining and control in industrial machinery as well as engine power management systems.

Industry 4.0

Development of ad-hoc electronics for new concepts of cloud-connected machinery.


Control frameworks and telemetry for competition vehicles.


Physical activity monitoring systems, environmental factors and multimedia shows.


Ahead of the curve through innovation

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