Mondraker MIND

Telemetry System for Mountain and Downhill Bikes

With 20 years of experience in design, manufacturing and racing, MONDRAKER is without a doubt an international benchmark in the world of mountain biking. The brand is characterised not only by the quality and uniqueness of its everyday racing bikes, but also by its ability to innovate and create trends in the sector.

Downhill bike with Mondraker MIND Telemetry System

Starting Point

Following the success of ZERO SUSPENSION SYSTEM and FORWARD GEOMETRY, Mondraker's own innovations in mountain bike kinematics and geometry, in 2018 the company decided it was time to create a new disruptive technology by incorporating telemetry as standard on its bikes. This is when MIND was created: a user-oriented system to get the most out of your Mondraker mountain or downhill bike's suspension.

Rear shock with Mondraker MIND technology

We were proud to partner with Mondraker in the development of MIND, taking on the following challenges:

  • High level of integration of electronics into the bike’s geometry, with all systems operating wirelessly and with low power consumption.
  • Millimetric measurement of suspension travel and rear shock travel, without interfering with the bike's geometry.
  • Functional, intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, capable of providing the user with a clear view of all the data gathered by the telemetry system.

The Solution

After more than two years of hard work in partnership with the Mondraker team, we managed to collectively meet all the objectives set at the beginning of the project.

Firstly, we minimised all the electronics by discreetly housing them in the suspension fork tube and rear shock axle without having to compromise on any of the functionalities agreed at the start of the project: 2G/4G connectivity with worldwide coverage, suspension sensors, GPS geolocation, user LEDs, accelerometer and gyroscope, reversible charging port, etc.

Bluetooth 5.0 was used as the communication system between sensors and the mobile application, eliminating the need for any type of wiring and reducing consumption.

Front suspension detail with Mondraker MIND technology

Measuring suspension and rear shock travel in a non-intrusive way was no mean feat. Following a long process of research, trial and error, we decided to use magnetic sensors in both cases. Hall-effect sensors were used for the suspension, which convert magnetic field into linear distance using an axially polarised magnet.

We decided to use non-contact magnetic potentiometers for the rear shock absorber with the aid of a diamond-biased magnet.

Rear shock detail with Mondraker MIND technology

Neither of these technologies have been used for such purposes before, thus enabling Mondraker to hold the patent for them in the biking world.

Lastly, we developed a mobile application, for iOS and Android operating systems, which is undoubtedly the catalyst for the telemetry system as it allows the user to take full advantage of all the system's possibilities.

Mobile App for iOS and Android to manage Mondraker MIND Telemetry System

The mobile application clearly displays all the data of interest collected during a route, such as suspension travel, altitude, speed, jumps, bumps, etc., on a relief map. The data displayed can be customised.

Configuring suspensiones, altitude, speed, jumps, bumps, etc with Mondraker MIND App

The mobile app also connects the user to social media, such as Strava and Facebook, as well as creating a community and simplifying the user's contact both with distributors and the Mondraker brand.

Connect with social media like Strava and Facebook with Mondraker MIND App

For all these reasons, the project was successfully concluded, with great media repercussion following the product launch. NITSNETS Devices is satisfied that we have done our bit to make the project a success.

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